Options Reference

You can customize Outlook Web App by changing the look or behavior of features such as language settings and message and calendar options. Not all the options listed here are available to all accounts.

How do I save changes?

After you change the settings in Options, click Save on the toolbar to apply your changes. You may need to sign out and sign back in to see your changes.



Section Description

Account Information

Use Account Information to manage your personal information.

Organize E-Mail


Tab Description

Inbox Rules Tab

You can use Inbox rules to automatically sort messages as they arrive.

Automatic Replies Tab

Use automatic replies to let people know when you're away and not answering e-mail.

Use the Delivery Reports Tab to Get Delivery Information About Messages

Delivery reports can tell you if messages you sent were delivered and when.

Retention Policies Tab

See and manage retention policies for your mailbox.



Tab Description

Public Groups I Belong To

Groups (Public)

Join or leave a public group listed in your shared address book or learn more about a group you belong to.

Public Groups I Own

Groups (Public)

Create a new public group to share with other people. If you already own a group, you can modify the group, set membership and approval options, or delete the group.



Tab Description

Mail Tab

Use the Mail tab to set options such as a signature, notifications for new messages, and Reading Pane options.

Spelling Tab

Use the Spelling tab to set options for checking spelling.

Calendar Tab

Use the Calendar tab to set your work week, working hours, reminders, and other calendar-related options.

General Tab

The General tab lets you manage the appearance of Outlook Web App and which address list is used first when resolving names in messages you send.

Regional Tab

Use the Regional tab to select a default language, date and time format, and time zone.

Password Tab

You can use the Password tab to change your password.



Tab Description

Voice Mail Settings: Outlook Web App (Office 365)

Use the Voice Mail tab to set up your voice mail or change settings for your voice mail in Outlook Web App.

Mobile Phones Tab

Use the Mobile Phones tab to view details about the mobile phone or phones that connect to your account.

Text Messaging Tab

Use the Text Messaging tab to set up your mobile phone to send and receive text messages through Outlook Web App.

Block or Allow


Tab Description

Junk E-Mail Settings

Use the Block or Allow tab to manage lists of safe senders, safe recipients, and blocked senders.

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