Mobile Phones Tab

The Mobile Phones tab lets you view all the mobile phones that you are currently using to synchronize with your mailbox. There are several tasks you can perform if you have at least one mobile phone configured to synchronize with your mailbox. This topic provides an overview of each task. For information about setting up your mobile phone or mobile device to access your account information, see Mobile Phone Setup Wizard and Mobile Phone Setup Reference.

View Mobile Phones

The list of mobile phones contains an entry for each mobile phone that is currently synchronizing with your mailbox, in addition to an entry for each phone that has previously synchronized with your mailbox. Mobile phones remain in this list until you remove them.

View Details

Select a mobile phone from the list, and then click View Details. This will display details about the mobile phone, including the phone name, phone type, and the last time that the phone connected to your mailbox.

Display Recovery Password

If your mobile phone is running Windows Mobile 5.0 with the Messaging Security and Feature Pack (MSFP) or Windows Mobile 6.0 or a later version, your administrator can configure your phone to send a recovery password to the Microsoft Exchange server. . You can enter the recovery password if you forget the password that you have set to unlock your phone. To display your recovery password, select the mobile phone from the list, and then click Display Recovery Password. A dialog box will appear that includes the recovery password. Enter this password on your phone to unlock it. You will then have to choose a new password for your phone.

Retrieve Log

If your phone can't synchronize or is not synchronizing correctly, your administrator may ask for the phone's log. This log file contains technical details related to synchronization. To retrieve the log for your mobile phone, select the mobile phone from the list, and then click Retrieve Log. You will receive an e-mail message in your Inbox with the log file attached. The log file is a very small text file. You should forward this log to your administrator for help.

Remote Device Wipe

If you lose your mobile phone or want to remove all personal data from your phone, you can use a process known as remote device wipe. This process removes all personal data from your phone.

After a remote device wipe has occurred, data recovery will be very difficult. However, no data removal process leaves a phone as free from residual data as it is when it's new. Recovery of data from a phone may still be possible by using sophisticated tools.

To perform a remote device wipe, select the phone from the list. Click Remote Wipe. You will receive a confirmation message that asks you if you are sure that you want to perform this action. If you decide to perform the remote device wipe, the data on your mobile phone and any installed storage cards will be deleted the next time that the mobile phone tries to connect to the Exchange server. As soon as a remote device wipe has been initiated, the status of your phone will be Pending Wipe. When the wipe is complete, the status of the mobile phone will change to Wipe Completed.


After you perform a remote wipe on your phone, it remains on the list of mobile phones. To remove it from the list, select the phone, and then click Delete. If you perform a remote device wipe on a mobile phone and then have to synchronize the phone with your mailbox later, you must delete the phone from the list before you try to configure it to synchronize again. If you don't do this, the phone will perform a remote device wipe again.


Click Refresh to update the list of mobile phones that are synchronizing with your mailbox. The list will update automatically. However, if you have configured a new phone and can't see that phone on the list, click the Refresh button. If the phone still doesn't appear, check the ActiveSync settings on the phone.

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