Quick Start Guide for Outlook Voice Access

Outlook Voice Access lets you access your mailbox by using analog, digital, or mobile telephones. Using the menu system found in Outlook Voice Access, you can read e-mail, listen to voice messages, interact with your Outlook calendar, and access your personal contacts. You can also manage personal options, for example, set up your Outlook Voice Access PIN or record your voice mail greetings. This quick start guide shows you how to move around within the menu system and also the options available when you use Outlook Voice Access.

Outlook Voice Access Quick Start Guide

The following figures show the touchtone interface and voice user interface commands and menus that are used with Outlook Voice Access.

Outlook Voice Access touchtone commands

Outlook Voice Access Touchtone User Interface

Outlook Voice Access voice commands

Outlook Voice Access Voice User Interface

You can download a printable version of the Outlook Voice Access Quick Start Guide by visiting the Microsoft Download CenterMicrosoft Download Center.

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