FAQs: Miscellaneous Issues

Here are some miscellaneous questions users are asking about e-mail programs.


How big can attachments be in my e-mail? What's the maximum message size that's allowed?

By default, you can attach a maximum of 125 file attachments to an e-mail message, none of which can exceed the message size limit. The default message size limit is 25 MB. The message size includes the message body, message header, and any attachments that are contained in the message. The number of recipients you can send a message to varies depending on the limits set by your organization. A public group is considered a single recipient. Also, if you're using a POP3 or IMAP4 e-mail program to get your e-mail, your limit for sending messages is 25 messages per minute.

An e-mail client may limit the size of an individual file attachment to a value much less than the message size limit. For example, in Outlook Web App, the maximum individual file attachment size is 10 MB.

For more information about these and other limits, see Message and Recipient Limits.

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I'm not using Internet Explorer 7 or a later version. Will that affect the services available to me?

Some options available in your account can only be accessed if you're using Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8 or Internet Explorer 9. For more information about Web browsers, see Supported Browsers for Outlook Web App and Exchange Online.

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Why did I receive a warning that my message couldn’t be sent and to try again later?

You might have received this message because you’ve been sending a large number of e-mail messages, or a few messages to a large group of recipients, and have reached the sending limit for your mailbox. The sending limit is based on the number of recipients you send messages to in a 24-hour period and varies depending on your organization’s settings. If you’ve gone over that limit, you’ll see a warning the next time you try to send a message.

E-mail you compose while over the sending limit will automatically be saved to your Drafts folder. After waiting awhile, you can open the e-mail from your Drafts folder and try again to send it. If you’re still over the sending limit, you’ll see the warning message again. The e-mail will stay in the Drafts folder until you send or delete it. If you’ve waited a full 24 hours and still receive the same warning when you try to send a message, try reducing the number of recipients.

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Can I create a "reply to" e-mail address for my account in Outlook Web App?

No, "reply to" addresses aren't supported now. A "reply to" address lets you direct replies to messages you send to a different account than the one you send the messages from.

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What if I want to know more?

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