Flags and Reminders

You can use flags to remind yourself to follow up on specific items in your mailbox.

How do I flag an item?

  • To add the default flag in the list view of messages, tasks, or contacts, click flagFlag.

What else do I need to know?

  • Right-click flagFlag, to select one of five preconfigured reminder flags.

  • The preconfigured flags include the following:

    • Today

    • Tomorrow

    • This Week

    • Next Week

    • No Date

  • Right-clicking flagFlag also lets you change or remove a flag and set a date reminder for the flag.

  • To add a flag to an open item, click flagFlag in the toolbar, and then select the flag you want from the menu.

  • In addition to the flag, you can add a reminder by selecting Set Date and Reminder date and reminder from the menu. You can also click Mark Complete, Clear Flag, and Set Default Flag.

  • Here's what the flag menu looks like:

  • Flagged items are added to your Tasks folder.

What if I want to know more?

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