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Your Calendar lets you create and track appointments and meetings. The included video will give you an overview of how to use the calendar in Outlook Web App.

This topic applies to the standard version of Outlook Web App. To read about this feature for the Outlook Web App Light, see Outlook Web App Light > Calendar.
Video: Calendar Basics

This video shows you an overview of how to use the calendar in Outlook Web App.

Recover a Deleted Mailbox
To view this video, you must have Silverlight installed. For information about how to install Silverlight, see Get Silverlight.
Working with Your Calendar

To open your calendar in Outlook Web App, click calendarCalendar in the Navigation Pane. While you're viewing your calendar, you can double-click a meeting or appointment to open it. After you open an item, you can view details or make changes. If you double-click a repeating item, for example, a weekly meeting, you can choose to open the occurrence (the meeting only on the day you selected) or the whole series (every meeting). For more information about how to work with repeating items, see Repeating Items.

To display dates that aren't sequential

  1. In the Day view, locate the first day in the date selector, and then click it.

  2. Press CTRL, and then click up to six additional days from any month or year.

Appointments and Meetings

Repeating Items

  • Appointments, meetings, and tasks may be one time occurrences or may repeat. A repeating item is one that appears in your calendar or tasks list multiple times, based on settings you control. For example, a meeting can be configured to repeat weekly. A task that has to be performed monthly can be configured to repeat on the first Monday of every month.

Sharing a Calendar

You can share access to your calendar with anyone in your shared address book. You may also receive invitations to share other people's calendars, and requests to share your calendar.

Publish a Calendar

Calendar publishing creates a URL that you can give to people so they can view your calendar. You choose how much information to share.

What else do I need to know?

  • To print your calendar in day, week, or month format:

    1. Go to your calendar and click the print icon in the toolbar.

    2. Select the options you want.

    3. Click Print.

What if I want to know more?

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