Create a Group

You can create a group to store a list of people or groups you want to send e-mail to. You can use a group to send the same message to multiple contacts without having to enter each contact separately in the message.

This information applies to the standard version of Outlook Web App. The feature that's described isn't available in the Outlook Web App Light.
How do I create a group?

  1. In the Navigation Pane, click contactContacts.

  2. In Contacts, on the toolbar, click the arrow to the right side of the New button.

  3. Click distribution listGroup.

  4. In the new group window, enter the information you want to include for the group.

    • Group Name is the display name for the group.

    • Members lets you enter the members you want in your group. See below for details about adding members to a group.

    • Notes is where you can add information about the group.

  5. Click Save and Close before you close the group form browser window.

How do I add members to a group?

You can add members to a group by adding them to the Members box and then clicking Add to Group. You can add multiple entries to a group by typing all or part of a name or an e-mail address in the Members box. Separate each entry with a semicolon (;). When you've finished adding names, click Add to Group. If no duplicate names are found, the names will be resolved automatically.

Partial names or e-mail addresses to their corresponding recipients can be automatically resolved only if the partial name or e-mail address is unique. For example, if the address list contains the names John and Johnny, and you type John, the name John isn't unique. This is because John and Johnny can be matched to John. The name John appears in gray text with a dashed red underline to indicate that it isn't unique. If you try to send a message to one or more recipients who can't be resolved to an e-mail address, a menu will be displayed that lists each unresolved name. For each unresolved name, you can delete the name from the list of recipients or select from a list of possible matches that were found in the Address Book.

You can also add members by clicking Members. This opens the Address Book. The Address Book lets you search for entries in your organization's shared address book or in your Contacts folder. After you locate the entry you're looking for in the Address Book, add it to the list of members you want to add by selecting the name and then clicking Members. Click OK to return to your group. Click Add to Group to add the entries to your group. Click Save and Close to save your changes.

What else do I need to know?

  • Groups that you create in your Contacts folder aren't available to other users in your organization. Public groups in the shared address book are available to all users. Learn About Public Groups.

  • The following options are available on the toolbar when you open or create a group.


    Button Description

    Save and Close

    Saves the contact information and closes the window.

    create message to contact

    Opens a new message form with the group listed on the To line.


    Opens a new meeting request with the group on the Required line.


    Deletes the group. This button isn't available until after the first time a group is saved.


    Sets a reminder flag for the group. For more information about flags, see Flags and Reminders.


    Assigns a category to the group. For more information about Categories, see Apply a Category.

What if I want to know more?

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